Specializing in pre-construction silt fence and farm fence installations.

We offer post pounding services and agricultural, deer exclusion and dog fencing. If you require protection for your livestock or pets we can build to suit your needs. We also install property boundary and paddock fences.

We can access difficult terrain with our tracked skid steer. We use a nitrogen charged post pounder for quieter operation and while achieving greater ground force penetration compared to a hammer style pounder. We have a 5ft rock spike which allows us to penetrate frozen ground or break up rocks in the post’s travelled path. This gives us straighter post sets and a more uniform fence line. We offer fence line clearing, old fence removal and post augering. Theres no need to wait until spring, we work right through the winter. Give us a call for your fencing needs.

We can supply and install the following products:
-Round cedar or pressure treated posts up to 10” in diameter, 4”x6” white oak posts
-Woven wire, Flex Rail, High tensile, Electric
-Wood and Split rail
-Gripple splicing and cable bracing
-Pnuematic stapling

Prices are site specific and are based on location, accessibility, and quantity. We do carry a minimum charge based on travel, products and services required. Certain post diameters may not be able to be driven depending on the amount of frost in the ground.