Specializing in pre-construction silt fence and farm fence installations.

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Whether it's following an engineer's drawings or designing a site specific fence installation, proper fence design requires an understanding of soil composition and potential water flow.

Common fence upgrade options include:

- Construction, wood or plastic snow fence backing
- Wire backing - this can be added to support the silt fence, if perceived heavy loading could occur or if installed in sensitive areas where failure is not an option
- T-Post instead of wood posts - T-posts can be driven into rockier soils where wooden posts can not. They will not break like wood posts but they do have sharper edges which could damage the silt fencing.

-Custom fencing solutions for site specific applications are available

At minimum, our silt fences meet the Ontario standard OPSD 219.110, OPSS 805 and OPPSS 1860 (Table 3) for tensile strength, typical elongation at break, permittivity, filtration opening size and minimum ultraviolet stability.