Specializing in pre-construction silt fence and farm fence installations.

We specialize in pre-construction silt fence installations across southern Ontario. Compared to conventional trenching methods, our specialized equipment allows for faster installations having a smaller construction foot print. We can install up to 1.5 kilometers of silt fence per day. For silt fence to 219.110 and 219.130 our method requires no trenching, backfilling or compaction along the fence line. Silt fence to 219.131 does require trenching to install the wire fence backing.

There are several applications where silt fences have shown great benefits:

  • Mining
  • Wind/Solar farm projects
  • Pipeline projects
  • Golf course construction
  • Erosion and conservation projects
  • Building and Construction - Industrial / Commercial / Residential
  • Subdivisions
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Road building
  • Railway

For a quote email us at estimate@siltfenceontario.com or call toll free (855) 859-6948

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